Customer Reviews

Pat W.

As always...thank you for a great inspection... Thank you for taking so much time and care with them as you do with all your clients... Have a good weekend!

Ling and Helena Y.

Thank you for going over the home inspection details with me...very comprehensive.


Dear Dave; Thank you very much for your inspection. It was a very smooth and effective process, I am going to recommend you each time I know someone is looking for an inspector. The owner agreed to do the fixes you recommended in your report but for the roof we agreed to get a quote for its replacement so it can be part of the final purchase price. I insisted to replace it rather than do fixes here and there since it is nearing its life time. Thanks again

Mick and Lauren

Thanks Dave! Your inspection was so detailed not only pointing out possible red flags but showing me very helpful maintenance tips for the house. So key to help me at our new house, as an apartment renter for all these years. You checked the entire house including walking the entire roof and a very tiny crawl space of an attic. Finally, your detailed report with pictures was awesome and you sent it to us very soon after the inspection! We would recommend you to everyone!

Measa and Belay

Thank you very much for your thorough inspection and detailed report. It is greatly appreciate. We will definitely keep you in mind if friends need inspection work

Anita A.

Thank you so much! This is incredibly thorough and informative. Im sure I will be seeing you again soon at home #2.


I love the way you put together reports, Dave. Thanks so much for accommodating our schedule and I look forward to working with you again in the future


Thanks Dave. We appreciate all your help and think you did a fantastic job on the inspection.