Loudoun County, VA Home Inspector

One of the most common misconceptions about home inspections is that they are all the same. Why spend the time doing research on various companies when you can simply go with cheapest option and get the same results? In reality, however, all inspections are not the same, and the home inspector you choose can make a world of difference in the quality and accuracy you receive. So before you make any decisions on what may be the largest investment of your life, take your time and do the necessary research to find a home inspector with uncontested knowledge and experience.

Over the years, Eagle Eye Home Inspections has been providing Loudoun County residents with superior and unbiased home inspections through David Grant. As a Virginia licensed, American Society of Home Inspectors certified, and AARST-NRPP certified inspector, David has the decades of experience necessary to handle various types of properties and deliver results that meet or exceed the standards of the American Society of Home Inspectors. During your home inspection, we will assess all parts of the home from roof to foundation, HVAC systems and more. From there, we will compile a computer-generated report (with pictures) for you to take at the end of the inspection, so you can use our findings to make a decision on how to move forward.

We are also able to perform radon testing throughout Loudoun County, and due to David’s AARST-NRPP certification as an Analytical Services Provider, we can provide you with prompt results upon completion of the test rather than waiting days for lab results.

When you arrange a home inspection with Eagle Eye Home Inspections, you can trust that we will analyze the property’s condition from top to bottom. We even encourage you to join us during the inspection so you can learn as much as possible about the property and understand the home’s systems and maintenance. Additionally, this time will give you with a chance to discuss any concerns you may have regarding issues that are found along the way.

To schedule a quality home inspection or radon testing in Loudoun County, VA with Eagle Eye Home Inspections, call us at 703-670-4663 today.