Professional Home Inspector in Alexandria, VA

Before making the decision to purchase a home in Alexandria, VA, give us a call so we can provide you with a professional and unbiased home inspection. From 200-year-old historic homes to new construction, David Grant has helped residents make informed real estate decisions for more than 20 years. Over the years, David has utilized his skills as a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and an ASHI Certified Inspector to inspect thousands of homes in the Northern Virginia area.

During each and every home inspection, we work diligently to ensure you get all of the information you need to make a quick and informed decision about a property. From taking a closer look at the foundation to checking the electrical and HVAC systems, we will analyze the condition of the home and provide a full computer-generated report based on our findings, complete with detailed images. We even encourage you to attend the inspection so we can answer your questions and help you familiarize yourself with the home?s systems and maintenance, and discuss concerns and the significance of identified issues.

In need of a radon inspection, as well? We can help you with that. David Grant is AARST-NRPP certified as an Analytical Services Provider, allowing us to provide you with results promptly upon completion of the radon test rather than sending it off to a lab and waiting on the results. We have established ourselves as a leading home inspection company in Alexandria, VA by delivering high quality, objective home inspections, and we encourage you to reach out if you are in need.

A home inspection is only as good as the home inspector performing it. So why not trust us and the years of experience David has as an American Society of Home Inspectors Certified Inspector, Virginia Licensed Home Inspector, and AARST-NRRP certified radon analytical services provider in Alexandria?

Before you buy a home in the area, be sure to give us a call at 703-670-4663 to arrange a home inspection and a radon test for your property.